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Hurricane Wall Louvers

Hurricane louvers can be used for ventilation, decorative appeal, air intake or air exhaust in hurricane zones. These Florida Miami-Dade certified louvers are impact and high wind tested louvers that mount into wall openings to provide maximum hurricane protection.

A variety of finishes are available from our Louver Finishes selection chart. Louvers can be painted with a baked enamel or Kynar 500 finish, or anodized aluminum. A variety of standard colors are available. Custom colors can be selected by sending us a color chip. We will use our computer color match system to precisely match the louver color to other building facade components.

Hurricane Louvers are commonly specified in project documents under these divisions:
08 9000 Louvers and Vents (sometimes listed as 08 90 00, 089000)
08 9119 Fixed Louvers (sometimes listed as 08 91 19, 089119)

Standard and Wind Driven Rain Performance

Hurricane louvers are available for standard performance (E6JF for normal rain resistance) or wind driven rain (E6WF for extreme weather). The impact and wind resistance are the same but the protection against water infiltration is dramatically improved with the wind driven rain model E6WF.

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