sunshade_H6JP sunshade_H6JP_section

6" Deep Standard Flat Blade Sunshade

louvered sunshade is a standard blade sun control device. Louver blades run horizontal with intermediate outriggers for attachment to building structural framing or exterior walls. Mounting brackets are provided. For application information, visit our How Sunshades Work section.


  • Standard profile blade shape (35° angle)
  • Made to order in sizes 12" wide x 12" high up to unlimited size
  • Blades and frame made from heavy gauge 0.081" thickness aluminum
  • Outriggers made from heavy gauge 0.125" thickness aluminum
  • Mitered corners at outside trim for clean appearance
  • Exposed Mullion joints at section breaks
  • All mounting brackets and fasteners concealed from view


  • 30 psf wind load rating
  • Weight: 3.40 lbs per sq ft of louver face area (at 6" blade spacing)


  • A variety of metal finishes including paint and anodizing
  • 4", 6", or 8" blade spacing
  • Tube or Bullnose Trim
  • Higher wind load ratings

The part number code is H6JP*, where digit 5 is the spacing (ie H6JP6 has 6" blade spacing).

Part code digit 5 is: "4" for 4 inch, "6" for 6 inch, or "8" for 8 inch


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