equipment screen V4YH

4" Deep Sight Proof Chevron Blade Screen

Equipment Screen utilizes a vision proof blade. Louver blades run horizontal with intermediate vertical supports for attachment to structural framing.


  • Made to order in sizes 12" wide x 12" high up to unlimited size
  • Made from heavy gauge 0.081" thickness aluminum extrusion
  • 3.5" blade spacing
  • Sight Proof inverted "Y" blade
  • Mitered outside corners for continuous blade appearance
  • Hidden Mullion joints at section breaks (concealed from view)


  • 32.3% free area for a 48" wide x 48" high panel
  • 0.81 wind load coefficient
  • 30 psf wind load rating
  • Weight: 4.40 lbs per sq ft of louver face area


  • A variety of metal finishes including paint and anodizing
  • Higher wind load ratings
  • Compatible with the Sturdistruct framing system

Visibility through this model equipment screen is 0% at all angles. The design of the blade and overlap prevents any sight-through - regardless of the viewing angle.


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